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The Childfree Connection YouTube Channel
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鉁达笍聽Is the Childfree Choice for ME? Watch This!
鉁达笍聽Are you considering a childfree life but keep struggling with doubts, societal pressure, self-pressure or fears about the future?
鉁达笍聽Are you nervous to commit to being childfree because you鈥檙e in the dark about what a childfree life actually looks like?
鉁达笍聽Are you tired of being asked when you鈥檒l have kids or being told that you鈥檒l regret your decision when you鈥檙e older?

鉃★笍聽I sit down with one of my members from my signature program "Is Childfree For Me?" to discuss the specifics of my program and how her聽experience and interaction with other members led to an eye opening transformation.聽
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鉁达笍聽HELP! The Decision To Be Childfree Is SO STRESSFUL!
鉁达笍 Are you nervous to commit to being childfree because you鈥檙e in the dark about what a childfree life actually looks like?
鉁达笍 Are you tired of being asked when you鈥檒l have kids or being told that you鈥檒l regret your decision when you鈥檙e older?

鉃★笍 One day you鈥檙e sure and the next day you鈥檙e not. I get it, I was there too! This step by step program + community gives you the tools, resources and support to truly explore childfree life and what鈥檚 best for YOU. With guidance + support from me and like-minded women around the globe, you will have the space to truly explore childfree life and what鈥檚 best for YOU. This is the one and only essential guide for anyone considering the childfree lifestyle. My favorite part (will be yours too!) - is that you are not alone! You work alongside me and a badass group of women who are also ready to fully explore the childfree choice.
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鉁达笍聽Breaking Childfree Stigmas | Childfree Couple
鉁达笍 What If I Still Think About Life With Kids?
鉁达笍 Childfree Couple weighs in on all these questions.
鉃★笍 In this video, childfree men and childfree women ask about fear of loneliness in the future and do we still wonder what it would be like to have kids. As a childfree couple, we get questions about our choice, our lifestyle and how we navigate through the stigma that can come along with being childfree. We share our thoughts and reframe the stigma of living a childfree life.
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鉁达笍 BUSTING the MYTH of the Biological Clock | Childfree
鉁达笍 Share insight that鈥檚 going to help with any 鈥渢icking clock鈥 pressure.
鉁达笍 Offer help to beat this and all pressures surrounding the childfree choice.

鉃★笍聽What if I told you that the biological clock does NOT exist?!!! If you have been told that you need to have a baby because your biological clock is ticking or have felt the pressure from this ticking clock- this video is for you!! All Childfree women or women considering the childfree path need to know this, share this video and help spread the word!
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鉁达笍聽CHILDFREE | Top Reasons We Chose NOT to Have Kids! 2023
鉁达笍 Childfree personal development & spiritual growth.
鉁达笍 Cost of raising a child.
鉃★笍聽In this video, Rick and I revisited our top reasons we chose not to have kids. This was our first video we posted on YouTube and we only saw it fitting that we revisit the topic one year later (2023).
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鉁达笍 CHILDFREE | Top Reasons We Chose NOT to Have Kids! (PART 2)
鉁达笍 How do you handle relationships?

鉃★笍 Do you ever wonder how the stress of having children would affect your life? Or, do you think about your lack of desire when it comes to the day to day tasks and responsibilities of having kids? As a childfree couple, we discuss this plus A WHOLE LOT more in this Part 2 Video where we continue listing the reasons we don鈥檛 have kids.
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鉁达笍聽Childfree? Holiday Survival Tips!
鉁达笍聽Do you want to know how to handle the pressure?
鉃★笍聽Spending time with family members during the Holidays sounds great in theory, but in reality, it can be super stressful for the childfree! Especially when you鈥檙e leaning towards a childfree life or have decided to be childfree but the family doesn鈥檛 know yet. People just love to ask the 鈥渨hen are you having a baby鈥 question as if your reproduction status is free for discussion among all the guests. I have certainly been in these situations myself so in this video, I share some tips to help you survive the Holidays and cope with the intrusive questions that may arise!
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鉁达笍 What Do Childfree People DO All Day!?
鉁达笍聽Are you bored?
鉁达笍聽Don't you feel like you have no purpose?
鉃★笍 We get this question all the time! It鈥檚 an interesting question because parents are baffled as to what we can possibly do with our time if children aren鈥檛 in the picture. We also get this question from people who are considering the childfree life but don鈥檛 know what it looks like. In this video, my partner Rick and I break down what each of us does every day and how we are still busy and sometimes even overwhelmed. Also, please comment with what your childfree day looks like. We鈥檇 LOVE to know!
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鉁达笍聽I Don't Want Kids but THIS Scares Me! | Childfree By Choice
鉁达笍 Do you get confused with all of the "what if's" thoughts?
鉁达笍 How to shake off self-limiting beliefs.
鉃★笍 If you are leaning towards a Childfree Life or have decided to be Childfree but there are thoughts swirling around in your head holding you back from feeling 100% confident and fully embracing your childfree life, this video is for you. I鈥檓 going to tell you the Top Self-Limiting Beliefs that can get in your way and share one main tip to start shaking them off.
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鉁达笍聽CHILDFREE MAN Speaks OUT. Watch This!
鉁达笍聽Do they approach a childfree life different than women?
鉃★笍聽In this video, my 50 year old partner describes his childfree journey, opens up about dating as a childfree man, losing friends to fatherhood and his family鈥檚 opinion on not having children. He even revealed a secret assumption about my choice not to have kids that I had NEVER heard before!
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鉁达笍 Are CHILD-FREE By CHOICE people SELFISH? | Childfree Debate
鉁达笍聽We need to speak out publicly about the childfree life.
鉁达笍聽In this healthy debate I take on the CEO of a christian organization.
鉃★笍 As a passionate advocate for childfree living, I was happy to be a part of this childfree debate with the CEO of a christian organization. It鈥檚 no longer acceptable or kind to call childfree people selfish, less than or any other negative description. I only wish we had more time because I had so much more to say! Let me know if you agree with any of my points!
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鉁达笍 I want A CHILDFREE Life but I'm SCARED of This! | Childfree By Choice
鉁达笍 Does fear get in the away of your decision making?
鉁达笍聽I share a very specific way in which I can support, help and empower you!
鉃★笍 If you have any anxiety, doubt, concerns or just general fear of committing fully to a childfree life, this video is for you! My personal childfree journey was a roller coaster of emotions. The ups and downs kept me in a holding pattern where I wasn鈥檛 completely at peace with my path. I highlight an important child-free trend that could be responsible for some of your fears AND I share a very specific way in which I can support, help and empower you to live your best childfree life!
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鉁达笍聽How To Handle THIS Comment if You're CHILDFREE!
鉁达笍聽Do you get flustered on how to respond?
鉁达笍聽Check out these tips to handle that awkward聽moments.
鉃★笍 Have you ever held a baby in your arms or played with a toddler and someone says to you: Oh, you would be such a good mom! It鈥檚 a very strange comment but as childfree women, we hear this all the time. I know I definitely did! In this video, I explain the reasons that people keep telling you that you would be a good mother and I also share some tips on how to handle these awkward (and sometimes hurtful) moments.
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鉁达笍聽Childfree by Choice? You should know THIS!
鉁达笍 We discuss the history and why it's so important to celebrate every year.
鉃★笍聽Did you know that as a childfree person you should be celebrating today? Today is August 1st and it's a special holiday for all the members of our global community! In this video, Rick and I share what the day is AND you will see a special message that we created alongside our international childfree family. We talk a lot on this channel about the importance of acknowledging and sharing our choice to be childfree so we invite you to join us in celebrating this very special Holiday. After you watch this video, let us know if you knew this day even existed?? We didn't know before we launched The Childfree Connection but now we make sure to participate and spread the word!
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鉁达笍 Do You NEED Kids To Be A Family? | CHILDFREE LIFE
鉁达笍聽Are you often bombarded with questions about your choice?
鉃★笍 Childfree people are often asked, 鈥淲hen are you starting a family?鈥 or 鈥淒on鈥檛 you want a family?鈥. As a childfree woman, I鈥檝e heard these questions many times. If you want a clear perspective on this topic, this video is for YOU! I explore why this is such a common question for childfree people, how family is defined, what family really means and who are the people (or non humans) in our lives that are considered family members.
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鉁达笍聽Living A CHILD-FREE LIFE? You'll Love This!
鉁达笍聽We should all celebrate our choice and in this video I discuss ways you can do that everyday!
鉃★笍 Regardless of how you landed in a childfree life, the reasons for celebrating it are endless! We created an easy and new way in which our entire childfree community can participate. In this video we are breaking down what a childfree-bration is (it鈥檚 not necessarily what you think it is), why there is a desperate need for them and how YOU can join in and get involved right now!
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鉁达笍聽CHILDFREE? | There Is NOTHING Wrong With You!
鉁达笍聽I give tips on how to navigate those negative waters.
鉃★笍 Learning that some childfree people believe that something must be wrong with them for not wanting kids motivated me to create this video. As a childfree woman, I can assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with opting out of parenthood. In this video, I explain why this belief does not serve you and I share tips on how to work through the negativity so that you can enjoy a happy childfree life!
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鉁达笍聽Why Pope Francis is WRONG About The CHILDFREE Life!
鉁达笍 STOP using the word selfish as a fear tactic!
鉃★笍聽As a catholic-raised childfree woman, I had to reflect on the teachings of the church and point out the hypocrisy in the Pope鈥檚 recent statements. We already know that the pope鈥檚 comments make absolutely no sense since he鈥檚 a man with no children and represents an archaic belief system. BUT, what about his overall leadership and teachings? In this video I break down why the Pope is wrong about the childfree life by highlighting what was drilled into my head by the church as I was growing up. This video is definitely not just for the Catholic, it is for ALL childfree men and women who have been criticized and judged by anyon
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鉁达笍 Childfree By Choice | Exposing The Truth
鉃★笍 In this podcast interview, we dive into my personal story as a childfree woman, examine society鈥檚 view of those living a childfree life and discuss how we could work towards a place where childfree people receive empathy, compassion and understanding of their lifestyle.
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鉁达笍聽Childfree Life | WHY Don't People Respect OUR Time?
鉁达笍聽How do you handle people who feel your time has no value because you don't have kids?

鉃★笍 As a childfree person, do you ever feel that your time is not valued in the same way as let鈥檚 say, your friends or family members with kids? Well, in this video, we tackle this question, give examples of when it happens and try to figure out just what we can do to start shifting this inequality of the childfree lifestyle. In our society, the consistent message is that if you don鈥檛 have a baby, your life is somehow less meaningful. Sure, we have made some progress in changing this belief system of living a childfree life, but not enough for it to seep into the culture of our everyday lives.
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鉁达笍 Why Spontaneity Makes Us HAPPIER! | Childfree by Choice
鉁达笍 We want to make sure that you are taking advantage of this childfree lifestyle perks!
鉃★笍 This video highlights the benefits of living a spontaneous childfree life and how being spontaneous can make us even happier! Spontaneity comes up pretty often when we talk about the perks of being childfree. However, life gets so busy that even without kids, we can easily forget that we have the option to be spontaneous.
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鉁达笍 Feel Confident with Your Choice!
鉁达笍 We also share 1 very useful tip that has helped Veronica feel confident in her childfree journey.
鉃★笍 Maybe you are new to the childfree life and are still questioning your decision or maybe you already decided not to have a baby but people鈥檚 criticisms can still bring you down. In this video, we share 4 Solid Reasons Why You should set aside any opinions about your choice to opt out of parenthood and be 100% confident with your childfree lifestyle.聽
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鉁达笍聽STOP The CHILD-FREE Assumptions!
鉁达笍 We also share how you can keep people鈥檚 assumptions from stressing you out!
鉃★笍聽As childfree people, there are many assumptions that are made about how we have chosen to live our lives! People who do not have childfree family members or have friends that have chosen not to have kids can create some interesting stereotypes about the childfree choice. In this video we highlight 4 assumptions made about childfree men and women. As a childfree couple, we have heard these interesting assumptions which sometimes confuse us and sometimes just make us laugh.聽
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鉁达笍 Comments聽Childfree People Are SO Tired Of Hearing!
鉁达笍 After you watch this video, we鈥檇 love to know which comment you have heard the most?
鉃★笍 As childfree people, there are comments that we hear over and over again which can be hurtful, confusing and sometimes so insane that they just make us shake our heads. In this video we dive into 4 of the Top Comments that childfree by choice people hear on repeat. This was a challenging video to make because there are so many comments made towards childless people that we were forced to narrow them down and focus on just four. However, if you have chosen a childfree lifestyle, we can bet that you have probably heard most of the comments on this list. As childfree people who have chosen a childfree lifestyle, it can be frustrating and exhausting for people to continuously question our decision or imply that we are making a mistake.聽
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鉁达笍聽Parent & Non-Parent Rivalry | Childfree Life
鉃★笍聽Childfree vs. Parents, does the competition exist, is it real and if so, why is it even a thing? Make sure to watch this entire video because we are going to answer these questions and dive into much more! We explore and discuss some of the potential reasons that may be causing this childfree life vs. parenting 鈥渃ompetition鈥. Although we have made it clear numerous times, as a childfree couple with a childfree YouTube channel and childfree social media accounts, we sometimes receive messages which imply that we are anti-parents. We are not anti-parenting and we do not hate kids so we thought it was important to further discuss this childfree debate. We also offer some important solutions so that we can avoid any unnecessary drama or misunderstandings. Although we have chosen a life without kids and strongly stand by our choice to be childfree, we do not feel that it is the superior choice. What we do advocate for is the ability to choose what is best for each one of us.
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鉁达笍聽CHILDFREE LIFE | PERKS of Being a Pet Parent!
鉁达笍聽What does your pet mean to you?
鉃★笍聽If you LOVE your pet as much as we do, this video is for you!! Our fur-baby brings so much joy to our childfree lifestyle that we wanted to dedicate a video to the benefits of having pets in our lives. As childfree people, we often use our time and resources to spoil them like crazy! Ask any pet parent and they may tell you that their pet is their human child or at the very least they get treated like one. As a childfree couple, we nurture our dog because we want to and choose to, not because we feel there is a void (which some assume). Our dog is a vital member of our childless family because he brings so much joy to our day. When I was a single childfree woman, Eddie was a big source of companionship and love. Even after Rick and I started dating, he still remained a priority.聽 Once you hear the benefits that I mention in this video, let me know which you relate to the most.
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鉁达笍聽Feeling PRESSURE to Have Kids? | Childfree TIPS to Deal!
鉁达笍 We explore and identify these childfree pressures and offer helpful tips to consider when under you are feeling judged by those around you.
鉃★笍聽In this video we are going to discuss the PRESSURE to have kids, what it is, where it comes from and most importantly, how to deal with it! This giant bubble of PRESSURE that a lot of childfree men and childfree women are experiencing when it comes to having children needs to be addressed. You would think that once you have come to the conclusion that you don鈥檛 want a baby and that living a childfree life is your final decision, the childfree pressure would be lifted. However, it often continues and people expect you to change your mind and 鈥渃ome to your senses鈥.聽 After you watch the video, share with us which source of pressure has affected you the most? Maybe it鈥檚 more than one, maybe it鈥檚 a combination of all of them??
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鉁达笍聽Millennials & Gen Z Choose a CHILDFREE Life | Here's WHY!
鉁达笍聽Why are more and more Millennials and Gen-Zers opting out of parenthood?
鉃★笍聽In this video we dissect why Millennials and Gen-Zers are choosing a childfree by choice lifestyle and why MONEY concerns keep making the top of the list! In the 80s and 90s childfree living was not a trending topic nor was it openly discussed as a viable choice. As a childfree couple living a childfree life we were wondering what鈥檚 changed since then?? The 2020 birthrate decline was no surprise but the childfree trend runs way deeper than just the pandemic. We explore specific ECONOMIC CONCERNS and how they play a role in why younger childfree men and childfree women are opting out of parenthood. Did any of these concerns make your list of why you decided not to have kids?? Let us know which one resonated with you the most.
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鉁达笍聽Expect THIS When Your Friends Have Kids! | CHILDFREE LIFE
鉁达笍 When your friends have kids and you are childfree, it can instantly transform your friendship.
鉃★笍聽In this video, we identify some of the challenges that can arise once your friends begin to have children AND we share tips on how to manage these inevitable changes. We describe in detail the 鈥4 Expectations that You Should be Aware of When Your Friends Start Having Kids鈥. As childfree people, you may realize that choosing a childfree life can mean losing commonality with your friends who decided to become parents. When you鈥檙e the only one who doesn鈥檛 want children, understanding how to manage uncomfortable experiences with your friends is extremely helpful. Our goal with this video is to help childless people navigate through those tricky moments. The more that we share each other's childfree journey, the more we can normalize the childfree choice and live our best childfree life!
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鉁达笍 The more that we share each other's childfree journey with the childfree community, the more we can normalize the childfree choice!
鉃★笍聽This one goes DEEP! In this video I explain in detail how I had to reflect and not only feel good about my decision to not have children but understand where my lack of desire to have a baby was coming from. I share some of my personal childfree story and the interesting and complicated reason that almost led me to becoming a mom. As a childfree woman, when I reflect back on my choice to be childfree, quite a bit of processing needed to take place. Although instinctually I didn鈥檛 鈥渇eel鈥 like I wanted to be a mom, I still assumed that I had to have solid reasons for not wanting a baby.聽
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鉁达笍 These childfree people may not have had a social media account, computer or barely any technology but they have certainly made a significant impact!
鉃★笍聽We often hear about childfree celebrities who have chosen a life without kids -Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Miley Cyrus, and most recently Demi Lovato and Seth Rogan but what about people who chose not to have children, were most certainly influencers of their time and came along way before them? In this video we play a fun (quick) game to see if you can guess the childfree person with just one clue. These childless men and childless women may surprise you and you鈥檙e guaranteed to walk away with an arsenal of childfree fun facts!
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鉁达笍聽CHILD FREE life PERKS we love (and YOU will too!)
鉁达笍 There are so many perks to not having kids but for this video, we narrowed down the list to our Top 10.
鉃★笍聽We love our childfree life! In this video we share the BEST PERKS of Living CHILD FREE (some you may not have thought of yourself!) Childfree by choice is not for everyone and of course as a childfree couple we honor and respect that as well. However, if you have decided on a life without kids or are considering a child free life, check out some of these amazing childfree advantages and childless perks you will experience by choosing to not have kids.
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鉁达笍聽CHILDFREE DATING: Telling Your Partner You DON鈥橳 WANT a BABY
鉁达笍聽Are you dating or in a relationship and have decided to live a childfree life?
鉃★笍聽In this video, we share 6 USEFUL TIPS to consider before tackling the BABY CONVERSATION! This video explores the childfree by choice dating life and details how to tell your partner you don鈥檛 want kids. As a childfree man and a childfree woman in our 40s, we opted out of parenthood and decided to lead a life without kids. Childfree by choice dating can be tough in regards to having the baby conversation and making the baby decision. If you are childfree and dating and don鈥檛 want children, these useful tips will guide you on how to tell your partner you don鈥檛 want kids.
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鉁达笍聽Worried you'll REGRET being CHILDFREE BY CHOICE? Here's HELP
鉁达笍 I lay out 3 important key lessons that will help you sort through any fear of future regret.
鉃★笍 I have been told SO MANY times that I would eventually regret my choice to be childfree. Thinking back, this was a significant factor in my decision making process. It wasn鈥檛 so much that I truly believed that I would regret it but it was more that society and people close to me kept telling me that I would.
Super important to remember, this is NOT about pushing anyone in one direction over another - Here at the Childfree Connection we support the CHOICE to be childfree and our ability to choose our own path and make the choices that are best for us.
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鉁达笍聽CHILDFREE BY CHOICE: Top 5 Reasons We Chose NOT to Have Kids
鉁达笍聽Why would you want to miss out on 鈥渢rue love鈥?
鉁达笍聽Why would you want to grow old and be alone?
鉃★笍 Is having a kid right for you? If you have recently made the decision to opt out of parenthood, are unsure, or have been living a childfree life, you are not alone! In this video, we share our Top 5 Reasons we chose not to have kids. This video explores the childfree choice by counting down why we don't have children and lead a childfree life. As a childfree man and a childfree woman in their 40s, we opted out of parenthood and decided not to have a baby. We celebrate our life without kids and share our reasons why we don't want to be parents.