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Our approach is rooted in the belief that each one of us has the power to create the life we desire.

We launched The Childfree Connection so you could have a space that felt safe, was filled with like-minded people and of course, brimming with positivity and fun.

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Only through the first episode and I'm so grateful I found this podcast! My husband and I have been struggling with the pressure from friends to have children. I can't wait to listen to more and thank you for giving us the support that we've been needing! - Courtney

I just stumbled into your podcast and I'm obsessed!  I've been listening at work and come home excited to tell my husband. Your episode about not wanting to go to the bouncy house spoke to us! You are proof that without kids you can have so much purpose! - Megan

Finally! Is what I said to myself as soon as I found this show. Podcasts are filled with shows ranging from marriage to parenting but this show explores the other side to life & still achieving happiness along the way. I haven't felt connected like this in awhile! -Ane 

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If you're looking for an incredible group of new childfree friends, this is the place.

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If you are still wondering if childfree is for you, I can guide you towards your truth. It took me 10+ years to find my own peace and confidence with my choice.

I spent my childfree journey doubting, worrying and ruminating if childfree was for me. I kept questioning what was holding me back. I was exhausted. Luckily, your journey can include actionable steps, love and support from women just like you. You do not need to figure this life-altering decision alone.

is childfree for me? I'm ready to explore.

Love the Live Meetup chats. Especially the one about no longer defending your childfree choice! Especially loved the "Letting Go" theme and not caring what anyone thinks since I am living my own childfree life! - Candice

I like the easy way to meet new child-free people. It's been nice to get to know people in a safe space. Really like the challenges and the polls- they are fun, and add an interesting element to the community. - Matt

Everyone in this childfree community is so kind, communicative and open which I really appreciate! I always feel so energized after our Live Meetups. I am constantly grateful for the amazing people that are part of it. - Hannah

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We Also Host In-Person Events


When we say that we love connecting with childfree people around the world, we mean it! Watch this video from our first childfree event in our home city of Austin, Texas. The private party kicked off a weekend of meetups and fun for both local and non-local childfree people who found The Childfree Connection online.


Maybe You're Confused or Anxious About Not Having Kids?

I get it.

I was once in your exact same shoes. The Good News is that I know exactly how to help you decide if a childfree life is for you.

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