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"Sometimes you feel as though you're on an island with wanting this childfree lifestyle and it's so nice to meet people from all areas of the globe that live it! I've met so many different people who have become fast friends and I can't wait to see where this community goes in 2024!"

"I love being a part of a community where I feel supported and not judged for my childfree life! My husband and I live in the south where the majority of people have kids so we haven't found a lot of community- this online community helps! It's nice knowing we aren't alone." 

"This community is so welcoming and inclusive of where people are in their childfree journey. I get the chance to connect with hilarious, insightful people in our live meetups, and we keep the connections going outside the meetups too. It's lovely how people share different sides of themselves."  


We Are So Happy You Are Here

In this community, we celebrate the joys of connecting and cultivating new friendships built on our shared experience of not having kids. However, this is only the foundation for our connections. The childfree lifestyle is our core commonality but we relate to one another on so many other levels.

We have similar hobbies, interests and passions to share and explore! 


Monthly Membership

Join our childfree membership community

Our intention is to fill you with joy, support and community. We hope you will enjoy the experience as much as our current members but know that you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice.

You may be asking yourself why pay for a monthly membership fee when there are free options online. We get it, we tried those as well. The free groups did not deliver the parameters we felt would most CONNECT the childfree community.  So, we decided to build our own childfree space. 

Here's what you can expect
  • Connect Beyond Social Media -->¬†¬†Although it may be helpful to join free social media groups or interact via the comment section of posts, our experience was that the conversations were brief or easily interrupted. Our community platform allows you to easily connect with a diverse group of childfree people around the world so that you can build meaningful and lasting connections. We host monthly meetups inside our membership portal so that our community has an even greater opportunity to connect. Our members have their own in-person meetups and we are also about to start planning a fun group trip!
  • Private¬†Portal without Distractions --> We don‚Äôt know about you but when we log onto social media, we go in for one purpose and easily end up in a completely different place. To us, building relationships is intentional. We wanted our members to have the ability to connect with one another without distracting notifications or pop-ups. Our private member portal is available on desktop and mobile.
  • No¬†Guessing Games-->¬†Sometimes we are drawn to people‚Äôs personalities on social media and can see ourselves becoming their friend. However, we find ourselves guessing on how to proceed. Do you follow them, send a DM? In our community, it is clear that we are there to connect with other childfree people so the outreach is welcomed. It is also encouraged through themes and connection challenges.

  • Safe and Respectful Space-->¬†The members of our community share a similar goal. We aim to maintain a safe and respectful environment where we can openly share our thoughts and opinions. We do not criticize or judge the choices of others. Instead, we focus on our own childfree lives and experiences. There is a zero tolerance policy for anything less.

  • Easy to Find Resources-->¬†If you like the idea of sharing blogs, articles and books with a group of childfree people that are interested in discussing your post,¬†this community is for you. Resources¬†are welcomed and¬†tend to generate some fun and interesting chats.¬†¬†

  • Have FUN!!-->¬†We don‚Äôt take ourselves too seriously and neither do our members. There is an airy lightness to the community with plenty of room for silliness and laughter. We also host interactive polls, challenges and book club to keep the bonds building and the conversations flowing.¬†

before we move on

If you are still wondering if childfree is for you, I can guide you towards your truth. It took me 10+ years to find my own peace and confidence with my choice.

I spent my childfree journey doubting, worrying and ruminating if childfree was for me. I kept questioning what was holding me back. I was exhausted. Luckily, your journey can include actionable steps, love and support from women just like you. You do not need to figure this life-altering decision alone.

is childfree for me? I'm ready to explore.

Hear Directly From Our Members, Teele and Hannah...


Honest childfree chats in our Podcast and YouTube channel!

More Reasons You Should Join Our Childfree Community!

The sense of companionship is unique because we relate and understand our lifestyle choices so well. Our shared perspectives create an immediate bond and level of comfort. It's also so fun to know that you will have childfree friends in so many different parts of the world!

We have already witnessed how easily our members are connecting with one another. The exchange of ideas, personal stories, common interests and opinions flow organically. The common ground also opens up a sense of adventure for travel, activities and life goals.

There's a level of empathy & respect for each other's experiences- the decision making process, the societal stigmas, the pressure/judgement & the desire to prioritize our own joy and fulfillment. There's also a huge sense of celebration for living childfree life to the fullest. 


We LOVE connecting with our community online and in-person!


Whether you've chosen to be childfree, circumstances have led you to this path, or you're exploring the childfree lifestyle, you are always welcomed! Our current members are excited and supportive when a new member arrives.


A Bit About Us...

Our individual journey towards living childfree was very (very) different. We found ourselves chatting about this topic a lot because of the scrutiny that still surrounds this choice. We closely observed and researched society's view and impact on the childfree. 

We dove deep into asking childfree people what they needed and of course y'all spoke up. We were committed to figuring out how we could connect and celebrate childfree people around the globe. We launched The Childfree Connection Membership Community so that each one of you could have a space that felt safe, was filled with like-minded people and of course, brimming with positivity and fun!

So happy you're here!
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You Can Take the Community With You!

It's so easy to connect with members when you're not on desktop/laptop. All you need to do is download the community app.

Having a community of like-minded childfree people in your pocket is the best! You'll be surprised at the ease in which we all stay connected.

Although the Community is fairly new, we are experiencing massive growth!


We live in the United States but our intention has always been to include ALL childfree people around the world! These images show where our current members live.

Just Imagine The Impact That We Can Have On The World.


Will you be the first to represent your part of the globe?


More from our community members... 


Love the LIVE Meetup chats. Especially the one about no longer defending your childfree choice! The "Letting Go" theme and not caring what anyone thinks since I am living my own childfree life!"


What I like most about the community is the sense of connection I feel from the other members. Even though we all come from different walks of life, we get each other in a way that people who aren't childfree wouldn't understand. I appreciate the lively discussions as well as the friendly competition to race to the top of the leaderboard.


I like the easy way to meet new child-free people. It has been nice to get to know people in a safe space. The features I like the best so far are the challenges and the polls. I think they are fun, and they add an interesting element to the community.


Everyone in this childfree community just seems so kind, communicative and open which I really appreciate!

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