Program begins on July 8th & runs for 6 weeks. This is a group (invite-only) experience.


I Help You Explore The Question - What if I Don't Want Kids?

Whether you have decided to be childfree or are considering the childfree path, you deserve to know what this life-altering choice means for YOU. Together with me and an amazing group of women around the globe, you will receive the research, truth bombs, reflection points and community support to explore the childfree path through a brand new lens.



You are interested in or drawn towards a childfree life BUT, parts of you keep wandering if you are making a giant mistake. Plus, the idea of making the "right" choice feels heavy and all-consuming.

You're in the right place,

at the right time if...

  • You can't fully¬†embrace the¬†childfree choice because of fears, doubts or pressure
  • You have embraced the childfree choice but still feel conflicted or shaky
  • You are driving yourself nuts by "hoping" you make or made the right choice
  • You feel like everyone else has clarity with this decision except you
  • You're tired of being triggered when people ask¬†inappropriate or private questions
  • You crave connection with like-minded women who can relate to your exact struggle
  • You are worried about the future and what your elder years will look like

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These women were also feeling the same way you feel right now.

I am so honored that my members love to share their very unique childfree journeys and their personal experience with this program.

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Here's The Truth:

For women like us, exploring childfree life feels like a journey riddled with obstacles.

It‚Äôs impossible to truly see what this choice would look like and feel like when you, society and the people around you are continuously throwing ‚Äúwhat-ifs‚ÄĚ your way.


One day you are feeling sure that childfree life is for you and the next day you are back to questioning your choice.

The back and forth is exhausting and it feels like no one understands.

Imagine how different your exploration journey would be if the fear, pressure or confusion were replaced with a safe space where you could:

  • Understand what’s holding you back from finding your peace with this choice
  • Figure out the source of your triggers 
  • Focus on your personal joy instead of worrying about missing out on what others are doing 
  • Identify and unpack the messaging that created the uncertainty that you are feeling
  • Have the tools to process all the obstacles on your own


Before I joined this program I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and uncertainty regarding the decision to be childfree. I also felt alone and was frequently wondering if I would regret my decision. I really needed to straighten my thoughts and discuss them with other people experiencing the same thing.

After the program, I felt relieved and happy, so so happy! I have now learned what it feels like to know everything there is to know about being childfree. Completing the program has dramatically lessened my anxiety regarding this decision and given me a new perspective of not only myself, but of society as a whole. I also feel like I belong and I am so thankful for meeting this wonderful group of women!


you are not the only one who feels confused.

I was too.

I felt stuck.

After desperately waiting for the "magical day" when clarity would strike and my fears and doubts would go away, I realized that it wasn't going to happen on its own. 

you are not the only one who feels confused.

I was too.

I felt stuck.

After desperately waiting for the "magical day" when clarity would strike and my fears and doubts would go away, I realized that it wasn't going to happen on its own. 

Hear directly from women who went through my program... 



I started by conducting research and asking a lot of questions. I self-evaluated and reflected on my personal belief system. I had to understand and process all the conditioning that I had been exposed to from birth. I examined societal norms and dissected historical patterns.

It was a lengthy, emotional and complicated process but worth every second.


You don't need to spend years doing all the work I did on your own. I combined all the information, research, guidance and reflection that helped me make an informed choice and created a program for women like you.

I also added a layer of  community support so that you have an outlet to share and listen to one another's stories and perspectives.


Program + Private Community

A one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, step by step paid program that explores the fears, anxiety and doubts that have been swirling around in your head.


But my favorite part (will be yours too!) is this: 

You are working the program alongside me and a diverse group of women who are also taking action and are committed to fully exploring the childfree path.

In order to maintain an environment that is relatable and supportive, this paid program is invite only. Book a private 1:1 call with me and together, we will decide if this program is for you. Are you ready to find your peace?

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I appreciated the focus that the program had on exploring what is right for us as individuals. Despite what we may have experienced in our lives up to this point that brought us here, we get to choose our own path. The program helped us connect more deeply with our identity, our goals, our biases, our needs, so we can come to the conclusion that is right for us. I felt great after this program and I would absolutely recommend it!

Washington, USA


You're going to




12 Sessions (40 Lessons) of pre-recorded videos taught by yours truly. All sprinkled with examples, extensive research and my personal stories. I selected only the material that was most impactful in finding my confidence.


A series of thought provoking Q&A sheets that correspond with the Sessions in the program. There are also separate sections for further reflection and exploration. Of course you have the option to use a journal, if you prefer.


Weekly LIVE Video Calls & Private Digital Group with like-minded women from around the globe! If you’ve been craving a safe space where you can share your deepest feelings, thoughts and opinions without any judgment, this is it!


Yes, love. I created this program with the intention to guide you through this process. I know exactly how you are feeling and I am handing you what I wish I had available to me when the anxiety of this decision weighed on my shoulders. 

And just who will be with you

Every Step of the Way?

Me! I'm Veronica

47 year old NYC woman who is now confidently strutting down the childfree path in austin, tx. ANIMAL LOVER, yogi, recovering perfectionist, foodie AND (according to my friends) human yelp app.

When I was struggling with embracing my childfree choice, I desperately craved guidance, support and a community of like-minded women who were in my shoes. 

I knew I wasn’t being drawn towards motherhood but I also had no idea what choosing a childfree life would mean for my future. I felt extremely shaky in my decision. I wasn't able to fully commit to being childfree because of the fear, doubt, judgment and pressure that would unexpectedly creep up on me or be continuously ruminating in my head. I felt stuck.

I wish I could put into words just how much I care about guiding you through this journey and helping you feel unstuck but like they say, "the proof is in the pudding". I'll just let my program members share more of their experience...

When the program started, although very excited, I was unsure what to expect, and nervous to meet virtual strangers. However, we all became fast friends, confidants, and a community that supports one another, and provides a safe space to vent, share experiences, both good and bad. We not only learned a lot about one another, but through curated questions, and exercises that made us really sit and think about our wants, goals, desires, and core beliefs, we all learned so much more about ourselves.

New Jersey, USA

This program offers the opportunity for both individual and collective healing, both of which are so important! I learned so much from sharing space with the other wonderful participants of this program. Veronica is a phenomenal person. I felt her heart and passion infused into every step of this journey, and being guided by her was an absolute honor. I am so grateful that she is sharing her light with the world.

Colorado, USA

I would describe the program as a nurturing, fulfilling, "I see you", "were here for you" with a splash of history, prompts & exercises, and some knowledge bombs. The gap in the childfree community is large, vacant, sparse and 9/10 times not a kind place - and this fills that with grace and laughter. I cannot recommend this enough if you are anxious, struggling, confused, maybe don't know where to start, don't see yourself in our culture, simply don't have the desire, enjoying your auntie life, are a step mom, and beyond.

This is for everyone!

New York, USA

This program and working with Veronica was the most empowering I’ve felt in years. Knowing that everyone struggles with this decision in some capacity and that my feelings are valid was all that I could’ve asked for. Learning the depths of this program and seeing the impact it has had on my life is something I will cherish forever. Building a community with others who are embracing and living their best authentic child free life is incredible!

Virginia, USA

Is Childfree For Me?

is a safe space where you will be supported and celebrated.

You don't need to go through this alone. 


This exclusive Program + Private Community is

invite only.

Book a FREE 1:1 call with me and together we can decide if this program is the answer you need. I can't wait to meet you and learn about your journey.

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