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Top 3 Reasons You Should Join Us!

The sense of companionship is unique because we relate and understand our lifestyle choices so well. Our shared perspectives create an immediate bond and level of comfort. It's also so fun to know that you will have childfree friends in so many different parts of the world!

We have already witnessed how easily our members are connecting with one another. The exchange of ideas, personal stories, common interests and opinions flow organically. The common ground also opens up a sense of adventure for travel, activities and life goals.

There's a level of empathy & respect for each other's experiences- the decision making process, the societal stigmas, the pressure/judgement & the desire to prioritize our own joy and fulfillment. There's also a huge sense of celebration for living childfree life to the fullest. 



Take the Community With You!

It's so easy to connect with members when you're not on desktop/laptop. All you need to do is download the community app.

Having a community of like-minded childfree people in your pocket is the best! You'll be surprised at the ease in which we all stay connected.

Although the Community is fairly new, we are experiencing massive growth!


We live in the United States but our intention has always been to include ALL childfree people around the world! These images show where our current members live.

Just Imagine The Impact That We Can Have On The World.


Will you be the first to represent your part of the globe?



You're going to




All members are invited to Live Calls hosted by Rick and Veronica. We discuss a specific topic that relates to our lifestyle and break out into smaller groups for discussion and reflection. It's a mixture of provoking chats, sharing, playing games, laughing  and getting to know each other in an intimate setting.


Every month, we introduce a new theme that impacts us all in some way. It can be something that members are currently experiencing or have dealt with in the past. The support and validation that we witness fills our hearts with so much joy. We discuss themes that are directly and indirectly related to being childfree.


Our private member portal is organized and easy to use. We provide all members with clear instructions on how to get the most out of the space. We did not create this portal on social media so we could all enjoy a break from the madness. All members can access the portal on desktop or mobile app. 


If you like the idea of sharing blogs, articles and books with a group of childfree people that are interested in discussing your post, this community is for you. Resources are welcomed and tend to generate some fun and interesting chats.


Just because we don't have kids, doesn't mean we don't like to play! There is a light-hearted energy in our community which goes along with welcoming the silliness that arises. We host fun challenges, polls and games to keep the kid in us entertained!


You will be amazed at the amount of people that you will want to connect with! Everyone is just so kind and welcoming. You will have the ability to connect directly with members so that you can DM one another or have private chats inside the portal.

More from our community members... 


"Everyone in this childfree community just seems so kind, communicative and open which I really appreciate."


"I like the easy way to meet new child-free people. It has been nice to get to know people in a safe space. The features I like the best so far are the challenges and the polls. I think they are fun, and they add an interesting element to the community."


"Loved the chat about no longer defending your CF choice! Letting go, and not caring what anyone thinks since I am living my CF life!"

We Are So Happy You Are Here


All childfree people are welcomed into our membership community!

If you are childfree by choice, childfree by circumstance or leaning into the childfree life, you will be welcomed with open arms! We have members who are single, members with partners and couples who have each decided to join the community on their own.


Monthly Membership

is only $9.97 USD per month!

Join our childfree membership community

Our intention is to fill you with joy, support and community. We hope you will enjoy the experience as much as our current members but know that you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice.

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